Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Six Word Motto for America

Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, The New York Times is running a cute contest to have readers come up with a 6 word motto to sum up the USA.

A view of the entries reveals that, unsurprisingly, the New York Times readership seems mainly composed of America hating, self-loathing moonbats and assorted leftists. (and the NYT wonders why its subscriptions and stock prices keep dropping faster than a high-demand call girl's undies.)

So to answer such, here are my suggested mottoes, feel free to post some of your own here or even better at the New York Times' page, but do be polite.

    Freeing People From Tyrants Since 1776.

    Piss us off, we'll bomb you.

    Always Saving Europe From German Invasion.

    You send rhetoric, we send Marines.

    Keeping the world safe without thanks.

    Not perfect but beats the alternative.

    Carrying the load, while others bitch.

    While others dream, we get'r done.

    Not arrogant, just better than you.

    The Land Of Promise For All.

    Always Defeating Commies, Fascists and Thugs.

    The Country Where All Can Prosper.

    and one sure to get all the moonbats in a tizzy:

    The Last, Best Hope For Humanity.

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