Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan 2008 Primary

Today was the Michigan Primary.

With an inauspicious slow start with a snowstorm to cause delay and joy in traffic the primary began.

I decided to vote after work given that it was hard enough to dig out and get to work. So the family after dinner pikled in the car and off we went to vote.

Turnout was quite light at the precinct, with no waiting or lines to speak of. We did have to show picture ID, an idea whose time has long since come. Luckily we both were who we said we were and we received our ballots.

Interestingly we did overhear some people asking for Democrat ballots, even though those ballots were the truncated sort not listing many of the candidates as the candidates had refused to be on the ballot because Michigan moved its primary to January, against party rules.

Given the push Romney has been making here in Michigan, including multiple computer generated calls to my house leading up to election day. its not surprising he's pushing hard here. Note to Romney - if you've got to call at all hours, at least vary the message, the same one every time is not endearing. So no vote for you.

McCain of course has been anointed and endorsed by the Detroit Free Press as the Republican most likely to act like a Democrat.

I voted for Fred Thompson in a case of heart winning over head as I think he'd be the best possible Republican candidate, but I do wish he was fighting harder and acting like he wanted to win it. Hopefully I helped keep him competitive.

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