Sunday, January 13, 2008

McCain appeals to Democrats in Michigan to put him in the lead in the primary

Great, we knew McCain was the Democrat's choice for Republican leadership but he really doesn't need to go out and confirm it.

As noted in the Detroit News:
McCain hopes his appeal to independents and moderate Democrats would encourage them to vote in the GOP contest, and he leads those voters, who make up about one in six likely Republican primary voters. About one in 11 voters made up their minds after McCain's victory in last Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, and he leads among them 2-to-1.

Indeed, McCain is the left-leaning Detroit Free Press' candidate of choice in the Republican primary:
The Free Press endorsed Sen. John McCain last Sunday as the best hope on the Republican side for both Michigan and the nation.

McCain's actions in the senate - his push for campaign finance reform, his "Gang of 14" to appease the Democrats in blocking Republican judges and other actions make him a shoe-in as the Democrat's choice to run against them int he election as he's more like them than not.

Given that Democrats in Michigan do not have a real primary this year, the expectation is they will register in the Republican Primary. The question is who will these cross-overs vote for. My best bets for who they'll go for:

a) McCain - he's the closest to a Democrat and a win for him gives them a comfy liberal in GOP's clothing to run against.

b) Ron Paul - a win for Paul would make Michigan Republicans look like blithering, conspiracy-theory spouting, idiots.

c) Huckabee - a win for Huck would make Michigan Republicans look like big-government, big spending, religious fundamentalist, idiots.

Anyone else have a better guess? Tuesday should be interesting.

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