Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is there any tax the Detroit Free Press doesn't like?

The answer seems to be no.

Indeed, the Freep is pushing for higher gas taxes for road repair.

In Pave the way for better road funding

In it, the Freep editorial enthusiastically states
Task force members ought to entertain any reasonable alternative, including toll roads, substituting a higher sales tax for the gas tax, and odometer taxes that charge motorists for mileage. They must also consider ways to get more money to Michigan's inadequate public transportation systems.
Yes, Michigan's roads are in sorry shape, the result of years of government neglect, environmental conditions, and having some of the heaviest loaded trucks in the country driving on them constantly.

More taxes are not the answer however. We already have some of the most expensive gas in the nation as not only does Federal and the State gas tax raise the cost, buyt Michigan's sales tax is also applied. It would not be difficult to designate the sales tax revenue from gas sales to road construction, which would provide considerable revenue to help alleviate the funding crunch.

Failing that, road repair and construction should be a priority and not only proceeds from the gas tax but other general funds should be designated to repair the roads in order to bolster Michigan's economy and keep goods and people moving in good and safe order. There is already sufficient revenue, what it will take is a decision to apply it to fixing the state's infrastructure - a decision that should have been made long ago but needs to be made and committed to now.

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