Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Strawberry Shortcake and the MPAA

So my just-turned 3 year old daughter goes to the Library and wants me to sign out a Strawberry Shortcake DVD so she can see it at home. Just-turned 3 year old girls like Strawberry Shortcake. . . . a lot.

So being a big girl, she proudly takes it out of the box by self and puts it into the DVD player. The first thing that comes on after the disc is put in the player: This MPAA Anti-Piracy Ad (Without the clever text addition by the poster at Youtube).

Understand, the flashing lights, blaring music and alarm sound served to scare the living heck out of this kid.

She did not understand what it was and was very upset, including saying "where is Strawberry Shortcake?" in a tremulous voice.

I couldn't just hit the title button to jump to the main title to get her to the movie, as I first had to find the elusive, child moved remote. I then had to fast forward it past, as the helpful disc manufacturer had overridden the title button so you couldn't go direct to the title but had to fast forward through this ad and some previews, thanks for that trick as well guys. Oh, and every single time you put this disc in, the ad starts...EVERY single time.

Last time I checked, just-turned 3-year-olds are not big into movie piracy. In fact, counting past 20 and spelling their names are new challenges and she just learned how to put a disc in the DVD player by herself, but now she's scared to do it because of this ad.

The MPAA just missed its target audience for the ad on this one by about, oh at least thirteen years but succeeded in scaring a toddler and royally pissing off her parents. Yes, when something unreasonably scares their kids for no damn good reason, parents get really pissed off.

Great job there MPAA.

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