Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doctor Who and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Season 2 Disc1 of the new Doctor Who series that I received from Netflix has a problem, and its not a Netflix error but a mistake in the pressing of the disc.

On the Disc if you go to special features, the disc shuts off and you need to open it again.

Then when you watch episode 2 on the Disc New Earth, an interesting thing happens.

Right after the cat creature blames Rose for ruining everything (about 32 minutes in), the Doctor Disappears and in return is a a scene from the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in all its gory glory, and then the disc reutnrs to the main menu.

Looks like a bad mastering job on the part of the BBC along with lousy quality control. It certainly turns the episode into a cliff-hanger ending, as you can never know what happened at the end of the epidsode with this set.

On the otherhand a face off between a sonic screwdriver and a Texas Chainsaw could have been fun to watch.

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