Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scorpions on a M*****ing Plane!

As if Snakes on a Plane wasn't bad enough:
From the Detroit Free Press
A scorpion stung David Sullivan on the back of his right leg, just below the knee, then continued up that leg and down the other, he believes, before getting him again in the shin.

It wasn’t what he was expecting on a flight from Chicago to Vermont.

And you think you've had a bad flight.

This boarding of unwanted arthropod stowaways happens more often than we think:
Such incidents are not unheard of. An American Airlines flight was delayed for an hour in Toronto on Sunday after a passenger was stung by a scorpion that had made its way onboard. Paramedics treated the man when the flight from Miami landed. The delay came when officials searched the aircraft to ensure no other critters had stowed away.
Yeesh, illegal stowaway terorrist scorpions.....what will air travel face next?

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