Thursday, January 11, 2007

FDNY Administration bans display of flag, memorials for 9/11 Firefighters

Going way to far on this one, and as a public employer, likely infringing on the Fire Fighters' First Amendment rights.

From Fox News:New York Firefighters Outraged by Ban on American Flags, Pictures of Fallen Colleagues on Lockers
In a stunning crackdown, the FDNY has demanded that all personal decorations, including flags and pictures of colleagues killed on Sept. 11, 2001, be removed from lockers.

The controversy began two weeks ago when a sexually explicit slogan was reported at Engine 230 in Brooklyn. In response, FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta banned all decorations, including American flags, "Support Our Troops" stickers, pictures of family and Mass cards.
Typical bureaucratic overeaction. It is valid to prohibit sexually harrasing material, but don't do this ham-fisted, overbroad, "let's ban everything at every firehouse" approach to what seems to be a small problem at one engine company.

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