Wednesday, March 03, 2004

This accident must have been the SUV's fault

This story has to be one of the worst excuses for an accident I've ever read:

Noecker testified he had entered his vehicle from the passenger side to avoid stepping in mud and was driving with his left foot as he approached the store, located next door to his wife's warehouse. Noecker testified that his foot slipped from the brake to the accelerator, which caused the vehicle to slam into the side of the convenience store.

Noecker left the scene of the accident before police arrived. Ninety minutes later, when Michigan State Police officers went to his home, he registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.10, the legal level of intoxication. Noecker said he had a glass of vodka after the crash to calm his nerves.

Noecker is a Circuit Court Judge for St. Joseph county in Michigan and the testimony is from a disciplinary hearing for the charged drunken driving offense.

I guess he's never figured out why they call the seat where the pedals are located the "Driver's seat".

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