Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Coin of the Week - A Prutah of Pontias Pilate

Given all the passion about The Passion going around, I thought this week should feature a relevant coin.

This is a small bronze coin struck in 30 A.D.

On the Obverse: LIZ within a wreath
On the Reverse: a Lituus (a staff used by the Romans in divination) with the Legend " Of Tiberius Caesar" (I'll update my translation later as I'm on lunch and don't have my reference book with me) in Greek.

The coin is from Amphora Coins and is for sale for $275.00. I expect with all the interest that The Passion will generate, that coins of Pontias Pilate will likely be in higher demand, even by people who are not coin collecters per se, and likely go up in value.

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