Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Posse to join in the hunt for online child predators

The Macomb County (Michigan) Sheriff is training citizens how to impersonate children online to work with deputies in catching online pedophiles.

Not a bad idea, now the pedos will have to worry even more that the "child" they're trying to seduce is an adult. Having seen a demonstration of the technique by the Wayne County Sheriff, I can tell you that these kinds of predators are out there in various chat rooms, and they do attempt to pick up kids over the Internet.

However, others are not very happy with the idea:
"I think it's shocking," said Detroit defense lawyer Elizabeth Jacobs. She opposes law enforcement agents posing online as children because she said it tricks law-abiding citizens into committing crimes.

Nonsense, it doesn't trick law-abiding citizens into attempting to have sex with children. It merely catches people trying to exploit children in the worst possible way, and its not entrapment.

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