Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Excellent Customer Service From Brian Enos Inc

Since I am always seeking to improve my shooting, and given the increasing price of ammo and the fact that dry-fire helps you improve, I've been seeking some further reading on the subject.

I had ordered  Get to Work: The Practice of More Points Per Second, by Steve Anderson from Brian Enos' store on Amazon.

Very quickly a package came in the mail.  Unfortunately, while the invoice said it contained the Get To Work Book, it instead contained Principles of Performance, Refinement and Repetition 2 still a very good book, but not what I had ordered.

So I contacted them via Amazon about the problem and after some issues on my end (Amazon wasn't telling me that Enos was replying which he was and quickly, I just couldn't see it). 

Well, he immediately sent out a copy of Get To Work by priority mail and said I could keep the Principles of Performance book for free as it was their mistake.

That's is rather impressive customer service.

Since realistically I would eventually buy the PPRR2 book from them at some point in the future anyways, I mailed him a check for the book.  I didn't feel right keeping it for free especially as it will indeed have value to me.

So I'd say you can certainly buy from Brian Enos with confidence that he will more than treat you right.

If you want to learn about dry-firing more effectively or competition shooting in general, get over to his Amazon store and pick up some useful knowledge.

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