Tuesday, August 11, 2020

You Don't Often See That In A Deed

Doing a deed for a client to put her husband on the title to the property, and I came across a rather unusual restriction in the prior deed.

The property is here in Oakland County in southeast Michigan and has the following reservation of rights:

Excepting therefrom all rights to uranium and other fissionable material reserved by the United States of America, as recited in instruments recorded in ......, Oakland County Records.

Certainly not a reservation of rights that you come across in deeds everyday, and its the first time I've seen it. 

Well, Southeast Michigan is rather famous for radon gas issues, and since radon is from decaying uranium, it makes sense that there may be some decent uranium deposits lurking underneath the property, and the Feds have got first dibs on it if needed.

So, don't be going off digging up the uranium and then building your own reactors at home, ok?


drjim said...

Radon is a big issue here in the Rockies. Granite has some fraction of Uranium in it, and since the hills around here have lots of granite, we have lots of radon in some homes that are built into the ground and/or have basements.

We have a "Radon Remediation System" in the house, and it's a bunch of plastic pipe in the basement leading up to a blower unit that exhausts air from the basement.

Old NFO said...


Beans said...

Good thing Hillary and Harry Reid never found out about it. Might have Russians digging right now for the ore.