Tuesday, August 04, 2020

In Other Election News: A Democrat Get Out The Vote Effort Comes To A Screeching Halt

This particular get out the vote effort lasted all of two minutes.

Gotta try and get that felon vote out and active, but the effort was all for naught.
Three prisoners, assisted by two others, ran for the fence at an Upper Peninsula prison Monday night, but were captured, officials confirmed.
Caught in 2 minutes flat and stymied by the border fence of the prison.  

"It was all over in less than two minutes," he said. "The officers did an excellent job."

All three men climbed to near the top of the first fence before falling and trying again, Gautz said. One had a device he tried to use to help get over the wire at the top of the fence, but it did not work, he said

The three felons, all prime Democrat voters, with resumes including home invasion, armed robbery, and assault, will not be voting in today's primary after all.

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jon spencer said...

Might be time for those 5 to spend some of their sentence at the Carp River College.
AKA, Marquette Branch Prison.