Sunday, August 09, 2020

The Annual Birthday Post - Now With USPSA, Steak, And Premium Ice Cream!

So today I turned 48.

The traditional birthday cherry cheesecake was served to me in bed along with coffee, which was a great start to the day.

Presents included an ESS Crossbow shooting Glasses kit, and a set of SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders. This was a very timely gift as I was signed up for a local USPSA match today.  A great replacement for my current eye pro, and the Surefires are a nice supplement for wearing under the ear pro.

In short, the ESS Crossbow is amazing - much more clear than any other eyepro I've had - better by far than the Sawfly Revisions I've been using, and the clarity offered by the copper lenses is pretty darn amazing and not appreciated until you try it.  

The copper lens color also worked just fine with the red dot.  The frame is also a lot more comfortable under the ear muffs than any other that Ive tried, and I had them on all day at the match and they were great.  Highly recommend these.

The Surefire ear pro are kinda neat.  They are a pain to get to fit into the ear, but once there really cut down on the noise.  With the plugs they have open you can hear normal conversation no problem but the gunfire is attenuated.   I wore them  under the ear pro all day and could still hear the beep, but there was much less noise otherwise and makes it more pleasant to shoot and be around shooting going on all day.

I had a good match, the classifier I ended up doing a respectable performance and shooting into the middle/high C class which was good with no misses or mess-ups, which was nice.  A very fun match with a pretty high round count of 230 through the Masada with zero issues at all.

After the match I showered and changed (as it was a hot day out) and rested a bit and then we headed out to Fogo De Chao - a Brazilian Steakhouse. It was a proper birthday dinner with meat delivered to your table on skewers and cut to your liking in front of you.  I then got to eat meat until the meat sweats occurred and then ate some more and it was all fantastic  - a carnivore and paleo diet dream.

Thence off to some matcha ice cream at Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko and it was fantastic.  Not paleo, but hey, Birthday.

I split a green tea and Vanilla Matcha ice cream with Abby as Tash and Leah shared a Hoji-cha ice cream. 

For my birthday we added the edible gold leaf option:


It was a great birthday.


juvat said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron, You young whippersnapper!

Always wanted to say that, but...what's a whippersnapper?

Seriously, Happy Birthday.

Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks! Not sure if I qualify any longer as a whippersnapper. After all, the kids' birthday card to me ended with:

"P.S. You're Old!"