Wednesday, June 03, 2020

NY Times Conveniently Decides Protests Are Now Patriotic Again.

Not very long ago, the NY Times Opinion page was chock full of how protesting against the government was dangerous, un-American, and downright unpatriotic if not unconstitutional (yes, really).

Anti-Lockdown Rebels Don’t Get to Choose Their Own Constitution


The Anti-Lockdown Protesters Have a Twisted Conception of Liberty

In short, protests against the government according to the NY Times was bad, and racist too.

It had been so written.

But now - Hooray! Protests are Patriotic once again!

New York Times: In America, Protest Is Patriotic.

The NY York Times, it be a changin'.

So protests with looting and arson in the name of a politically favorable cause = good.

Peaceful protests against arbitrary and capricious lockdown decisions, with no violence, looting, vandalism, or rioting, not to mention leaving the protest grounds cleaner than how the anti-lockdown protstors found them = bad.

Got it.

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