Friday, August 09, 2019

Flying - Birthday Flight To KJXN

Turning 47 today was a trip, and it deserved a trip.

So I left work and did a lunch flight with my trusty co-pilot, Leah.

I had planned a Birthday $100 burger fligth to Jackson.

Fair bit of crosswinds gusting 17-22 from anywhere from 280-310 on the way there and quite a bit more chop than my co-pilot was used to feeling. Nothing too much but her first time feeling bumps in the air.

Clouds were a fair bit lower than forecast and the chop was similarly unreported in the weather brief. The clouds were hanging out about 5,500 so we flew at 4,500 on the way there.

Landing at Jackson was no problem, a light direct left crosswing at about 7 knots and we landed on Runway 25. Firm but a good landing, not a bouncer or anything like that. The apron was busy as a Nascar race will take place this weekend at Jackson Speedway, so lots of jets were there and we were directed to taxi and park a bit farther away, which was no problem.

Stopped, shut down and pushed the plane back by some other props, chocked it in place, and headed into the restaurant.

Decent service and the burger was ordered.

Good food was had with decent service, as the place was hopping. Then back to the plane and a pre-flight.

Jackson Tower was nice and we took off from Runway 32 heading back to Pontiac and picked up fight following. There was quite a bit more chop on the way home but we were making 120+ knots which was kinda nice.

Then at Pontiac I got to enter the left downwind for Runway 27L and was then told to land on 27R as we came around on base which put us closer to our hanger which again was nice of them.

Winds were 13-23 gusting from 310 which made for an exciting crosswind landing. I only put in two notches of flaps and kept my approach speed up a little faster than usual for the gusts. Amazingly enough, I landed it smooth as silk, crosswind and all, I could not have done it better.

Then we headed back to the hangar, refueled, and cleaned and put the plane away.

That was a fantastic flight and definitely one of the reasons why I learned to fly - being able to take the kid for a lunch on my birthday.

That's 1.5 and two landings.


an Donalbane said...

Nice! My family used to do GA - I miss those days.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done, and flight line burgers ALWAYS taste better... LOL

B said...

Going out for a $100 burger on Sunday....

And we still gotta do our meetup sometime soon while the weather is good.

Email me and ERJ and lets see if we can set it up.

BTW, MC is in flight training

Aaron said...

an Donalbane: Thanks, it was a great time. GA is a great way to fly.

OldNFO: Thanks, and that they really do.

B: Nice, I'll get working on the ERJ meetup.