Sunday, August 11, 2019

Flying - Taking Some Friends Up And Then An Airshow

So this morning the sky was pretty clear, winds were light and variable so I got up to the airport to meet a couple friends of mine.

Ed was interested about learning to fly and Denise was willing to join him up in a small plane.

So I did the preflight and showed him how that's done and then we got in the plane, I did the safety brief and started it up.

Due to the airport getting ready for the Open House and Airshow starting at noon, we were ready to be airborne at 9:00. The neat part was the ATIS not only had split towers but also requested all pilots to do their run-ups before they called ground to taxi.

So I did the run-up at the hangar row and then called ground and got permission to taxi to Runway 27R.

We then got clearance to take off and headed to the northeast.

A smooth takeoff and we headed for the GM proving grounds near Romeo and I climbed above it to 4,500 feet and then let Ed fly the plane for a bit.

He had fun, and I was glad we started at 4,500 feet, just saying.

Much fun flying over the lakes and Lake Orion and Oxford and seeing Pine Knob was a highlight for them, and then we headed back.

So I headed back to Pontiac and did a base entry to 27R. A bit of a crosswind had kicked up but nothing major and I did a nice smooth landing.

I got compliments on my landing and they both said they had a great time, and Ed now really wants to get his pilots license. My work was done.

Then I got to go to the airshow and see some sweet planes up close. Including: A D-25 New Standard - New is a relative term. It's made in 1929 and still flying regularly.

A sweet looking Nanjing Yak-18A

An A1D Skyraider and A P-51 Mustang

Lots of helicopters giving rides.

And my friends at Crosswinds Aviation were out in force giving rides in their trainers. Very nice, well-maintained trainers with quality instructors, I might add.

One of my friends there saw me approach towards him around the line of people waiting to get a ride and asked if I wanted an airplane ride.

I said only if I'm flying and were they short of pilots again and needed assistance with the rides? You kinda had to be there but it was funny at the time.

A great flight, then a great time wandering around the tarmac looking at some nice planes and chatting with friends.

That's 1.1 and 1 rather perfect landing.