Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Ave, Atque, Vale - Oakland County Has Lost A Giant

L. Brooks Patterson, the Oakland County Executive who steered the county throughout tumultuous times, has died.

The Detroit Free Press: L. Brooks Patterson dies after leading Oakland County for a generation

He made the county an economic powerhouse and a soundly managed, fiscally responsible county with competent government.

His willingness to put his constituents, the county residents, first, and not letting them become a piggy bank for Detroit "Regionalism" (read Oakland County pays, Detroit spends it with no oversight) and his leadership will be sadly missed.

His fiscal responsibility, business acumen, and leadership that made Oakland County a AAA rated county will be sadly missed.

While not perfect, with plenty of foibles, Brooks put the county and its residents first and we've all benefited from his solid management and stewardship of the county.

I fear we will not see his like again, and Oakland County will be the worse for it.