Sunday, May 05, 2019

Sunday Flyday

After the rigors and drama of the forensics competition over the last two days, it was time to hit the sky.

Not having flown since February, I headed to the airport and preflighted the club's Archer. Peter had finished flying it a half hour before I arrived, so it was nice and warmed up for me.

It started up without any hesitation, and then I did the run up, and headed off of Runway 27R for some pattern work.

It was like I had never stopped flying the aircraft. Even with the PAPI lights out of service, I was doing some nice stabilized approaches and landings. Crosswinds were light to non existent with wind blowing from 310 to 270 from 8-10 knots so no problem at all.

Landings were good.

Lots of other planes were in the pattern, even the Civil Air Patrol came out to get some pattern work in.

DCT's 3EJ was in the pattern as well.

It was busy, and the tower did a great job managing traffic. On my last pattern I had to extend my downwind, following a Cessna Cardinal that also had to extend and we got a pretty good distance away before we could both turn base and head back in to really nice landings.

In short, it was a beautiful day to get legal again to take passengers and good to knock the rust off my wings.


Old NFO said...

Nice! Glad you got back in the air!!!

B said...

Glad to see you got your feet on the pedals again.