Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Stupid Criminals: Learn To Quit While You're Somewhat Ahead

The Detroit News: Mich. man charged with robbing same Walmart three times in one night

Yes he stole from a Walmart on three separate times in the same night.

While the headline is incorrect in that he didn't commit robbery, he instead committed larceny.

He wasn't using any force or threats of violence in his multiple thieving attempts so that's not robbery, but robbery sounds cooler than larceny to the headline writer I suppose.

However, committing three separate thefts from, and then returning to, the same location on the same night after the first and even seconds acts of theft qualifies for a special kind of stupid award. This is especially so as Walmart is pretty good about catching criminals in their stores, so of course he's on video for all three separate felonies.

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