Friday, May 10, 2019

Doom, Now With Subterranean Gloom

You know Australians live down under, but one Australian at least in advocating everyone lives deep down under.

Yahoo News: The only way is down: subterranean survival warning

In short, no, not just because this is the typical earth is doomed nonsense we've been hearing since The Population Bomb, but also, because Morlocks.

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Beans said...

I find it funny that they want underground farms. Powered by? Wind? Solar? So you take perfectly good farm land and cover it with solar and wind farms and move the food production underground, powered by solar and wind, and supplemented by big old fossil fuel power plants to cover when solar/wind isn't producing.

Um... Yeah... Sure...

Now, in some places underground housing is a doable thing. Not everywhere, especially in wet climates (due to excessive humidity, leading to drowning or mold or drowning in mold,) but in some places it is a cool thing.

Same idiots want us to build high-rise farms in cities, not realizing or caring where the power will come from, the water, the fertilizers, the everything.

Stupid idiots all.