Monday, January 30, 2017

Possible Green On Green In Quebec Attack

So it appears that the shooting at the mosque was not, as liberals fervently hoped, a case of the stereotypical mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging white guy shooting Muslims. Instead to their assured disappointment, the one perpetrator is described to be of Moroccan origin and another as a recent convert, so it may be an internal dispute, or outside radicals annoyed that the mosque was insufficiently radical itself.

CBC: 2 men arrested in deadly Quebec mosque shooting ID'd

Yes the hopes of the left (as seen in the HuffPo Comments, where even now they're trying to spin it still) to blame this on Trump appear to be dashed, unless a further news update reveals otherwise. Indeed now that their dream that the perpetrator was a Trump supporter appears to be dashed And instead it's an adherent of the religion of peace, the media and the authorities are now walking back their declarations that this was a terrorist attack and now is done for cause unknown and motives yet to be determined.

In going with the fast-changing nature of the story, the Police are now announcing the only suspect is Alexandre Bissonnette, a French-Canadian university student and not Moroccan-born Mohamed Khadir or Mohammed Belkhadir so maybe they'll get their white guy shooting Muslims story after all or it may be a case of a radical white Muslim convert shooting other Muslims or the story is still up in the air.

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