Sunday, January 01, 2017

Back Home For The First Of 2017

Probably the quickest trip back ever. Traffic was amazingly light aside from a slow down near Milton where an impressive looking accident on the other side of the highway brought everything to a halt as idiots gawked and slowed down our side that had no obstructions. The border was very quick and not a problem and we made it back in record time.

Overall a very nice trip. Jett had a great time on his first ever international car trip, and he handled it very well indeed. Jett very much enjoyed a dog park in Toronto most profusely, making friends with, among others, a St. Bernard, a doberman, a rottweiler and a Pomeranian.

Quite a nice time had by all with a nice feast for New Year as is traditional. I hope your New Years celebration ws excellent and you have a healthy, happy and prosperous upcoming year.

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