Thursday, January 05, 2017

Places The New York Times Likes

Yes, the number one place the New York Times recommends its readers visit this year out of its list of 52 destinations is: Canada. Yes the entire country. Apparently they couldn't narrow it down to a city like they did the rest of their list (with the exception of naming all of Botswana and Cyprus, but they could drill down to little towns in France for example and Hamburg in Germany rather than the entire country for some reason).

The NY Times did helpfully explain they deliberately didn't put London, Tokyo or Berlin on their list as they were too obvious in terms of travel destinations, but a rather large country immediately to our north on which we are on friendly terms, speak the relatively same language and is at a helluva discount considering the exchange rate is not obvious at all.

I guess that's so their readers can make it a preparatory visit to move there along with all the celebs and pundits that claimed they'd move there if Trump won, yes? After all, the twiterrati that all promised to move there seem to be having trouble finding it.

As another reflection on the wisdom and excellence of their must-go places in 2017, in ninth place they name as a top travel destination: Detroit.


Murphy's Law said...

So glad they didn't mention New Orleans. Last thing we need or want here is hipsters, liberals or anyone who thinks Barack Obama was good at anything. IN other words, NO NEW YORK TIMES READERS ALLOWED HERE!

Glenn B said...

If the NY Slimes recommended a vacation spot, it is (in my estimation) probably a good place to avoid.