Saturday, November 08, 2014

Superior Tavor Upgrade

The main complaint people have about the Tavor is its trigger.

Ranging from around 8-12 pounds out of the box, which can be reduced if you disconnect one of the springs, but it is simply not a light AR-type trigger that most shooters are now used to having. Instead, out of the box it feels more FAL-like, with a long hard trigger pull, though it is better than a typical FAL and still perfectly usable.

That complaint is no longer applicable.

Enter the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger.

Made of metal compared to the plastic housing of the standard Tavor trigger pack, the difference is noticeable, with all the surfaces of the Giessele being highly polished.

Shiny Super Sabra

Factory Tavor Trigger Pack
A direct replacement for the IWI Tavor trigger pack, the Super Sabra is a drop-in, no-fuss, instant upgrade of awesome that couldn't be easier to install:

Step 1. make sure the rifle is unloaded.

Step 2. Pull the cocking lever back to cock the hammer spring.

Step 3. Pull out the two locking pins holding the trigger pack in place.

Step 4. Remove factory trigger pack, install Super Sabra in its place and push the pins back in.

And you're done.

Once installed, the trigger felt simply awesome, better than my ARs, and having a nice clean break. It felt like a 4.5 pound match trigger that was simply fantastic to shoot.

No longer does the rifle dance around at all while the trigger is being pulled. Simply put, the Super Sabra has to be tried to fully appreciate how good it is and how it makes the Tavor an even better and more accurate rifle.

I ran 120 Rounds of Lake City 55 grain through it with the new Super Sabra trigger pack in at the Blogshoot and there were no failures or hiccups of any kind. Others there who tried it really liked it and were impressed with the trigger.

Yes, the Tavor is now my favorite modern-day rifle.

If you've got a Tavor, the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger Pack is the upgrade to get before doing anything else to the rifle should you desire a nice, sweet, and perfect trigger.

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