Monday, November 10, 2014

Communist Terrorist Birds Of A Feather

If you didn't already know that Rasmea Odeh is a terrorist commie scumbag, when Angela Davis crawls out from under a rock to lie and propagandize on her behalf you know Odeh is terrorist commie scum.

The Detroit News: Angela Davis: Free Rasmea Odeh, political prisoner

No, not a political prisoner.  Someone lying on their immigration forms after they were convicted of a terrorist bombing is hardly a political prisoner.

Angela Davis never bothers to mention what Rasmea Odeh was convicted of, and blithely out and out lies by writing:
Odeh never committed a crime, and her arrest and conviction by an Israeli military court was unlawful.
No, her conviction wasn't "unlawful" she was convicted of participation in a string of bombings including bombing a supermarket that killed 2 people.  Funny how Davis never mentions that part in her editorial filled with standard leftist jargon.

Odeh out and out lied on her immigration application to this country and darn well should be at the very least deported for that crime.

Odeh is, contra Davis protests, far from innocent, and the evidence of that comes not just from Israeli records and testimony, but from videotaped statements by her fellow conspirator in the attacks:
In a 2004 documentary, Women in Struggle, a woman named Ayesha Oudeh—identified in news reports as either Rasmieh Odeh’s sister or her “comrade” – said in an interview: “Rasmiyeh Oudeh was more involved than I was [in the grocery store bombing] … I only got involved during the preparation of explosives. We wanted to place two bombs to blow up consecutively. I suggested to have the second bomb go off 5 or 6 minutes after the first bomb so that those who get killed in it would be members of the army and secret service, but it did not explode. They diffused it 20 seconds before it exploded.”
Note that Odeh formerly (or for all we know a current) member of the PFLP,  a Marxist-leninist Arab terrorist group and part of the PLO, was also an Obamacare Navigator and Community Organizer in Chicago prior to her arrest and trial here in Detroit, so she's not strayed from her Marxist circles, which helps explain why Davis is running cover for her.

The opinion piece is just one Marxist scum covering for another.

Legal Insurrection  has some good coverage of the Odeh trial, including the attempt by the Defense and Odeh herself to go for juror nullification and to  ignore the judge's pretrial orders that her unsubstantiated claims of torture are irrelevant to her lying on her immigration application and can't be introduced - she did it anyways.

Update:  Rasmea Odeh is Found guilty of unlawful procurement of naturalization

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