Monday, October 27, 2014

The Army Gets It, The Obama Administration Still Can't or Won't Get It

The Detroit News: Army troops isolated after Africa duty tour

Makes sense right? After coming back from assisting, treating and exposure to Ebola patients the Army is smartly isolating those troops and not just dropping them back on bases where they could potentially expose other members of the military.

Obviously an Ebola outbreak in the Army would have a nasty impact on our military readiness, so it's a smart and sane move.

Of course, the Obama administration can't see the logic in it and can't bring themselves to issue a similar quarantine of health workers and others coming from the infected outbreak areas. Whether this Army policy will be overruled in the interests of politics is not yet determined, but the Obama administration has been successful putting lots of pressure on governors of states that ordered similar quarantines.

So we're now awaiting whether a 5 year old in New York coming in from West Africa within the past 21 days has Ebola or just a fever from other causes. And we're still waiting to see if the NY Doctor's contacts also come down with Ebola in the next 21 days or so.

Hopefully we dodge it yet again and the kid and all the doc's contacts will be just fine.

Eventually our luck, which seems to be the only thing this administration is depending on to stop an outbreak in the US, is going to run out.

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Old NFO said...

OF course it is... And they'll blame somebody... else...