Monday, October 27, 2014

So, What Car For Zombies?

‘Zombie’ out for smoke is hit by driver

From the Detroit News:

Police said a man trying to scare motorists while dressed as a zombie was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in west Michigan.

Jeff Stiles’ injuries were not considered life-threatening Saturday, but he was admitted to a hospital, the Grand Rapids Press reported. He was hit by a car in Nunica in Ottawa County.

County sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Wilfong said Stiles, 45, was attending a Halloween party as a zombie when he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette.

Well, Mr. Stiles likely succeeded in scaring a motorist, with some crunchy results. Heck, I bet his costume was a real hit.

While pistols may have little stopping power, a 4,000 pound vehicle (average weight of US vehicle fleet, as we don't know what kind of car hit him) moving along the road seems to have some decent knock-down power.

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