Thursday, October 09, 2014

Another Way Obamacare Will Harm The Youth

It'll hit 'em right in their employment.

Abby, being a bookworm, and a chip off the ol' block at that really wants to have her first job to be working at Barnes and Noble. The kid loves that store.

Not a bad place to work and she'd get some real life work experience along with some discounts on books.

Obviously she's not of an employable age yet, but as we went to the cash register and she paid for her book with money she had saved up I asked the cashier, who was being very patient with her as she counted out her coins, how old you need to be to work at Barnes and Noble.

I figured I'd give Abby something to look forward to and after all I figured they'd take high school students and that is coming up in a few years.

The answer: "18".

Why 18, that seemed a little high. After all, I had worked in a bookstore, at a country club as a short order cook, a catering company, and at an ice cream shop all long before I turned 18.

Well, due to Obamacare and the requirement to provide health insurance, Barnes and Noble will now only be hiring 18 years and up.

Imagine this trickling through to other businesses - where the heck will kids under 18 get decent jobs to start building up their work experience, sense of responsibility, and life skills not to mention save up for college while they're going to high school?

This is going to seriously hurt the employability of under 18-year-olds.

Maybe they'll grow up and not vote Democrat as a result of this follishness, or the Democrats will convince them it's all the fault of the mean Republicans that they're not employed.

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Brigid said...

Yes, and then all the 18 plus year olds will demand they make $18 an hour instead of minimum wage so they can live as nicely as those that got the skills to earn more than that, and even more people are laid off and stores close.

I feel for your daughter's generation, they're getting even more shafted than we are