Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some People Really Do Prefer To Sit And Curse The Darkness

So yesterday, Governor Snyder signed bills into law that both enhanced firearm record privacy and fixed the stupid law that prevented youths from handling pistols unless their parents were present.

Incremental improvements that we talked about here before.

Of course the usual suspect who we've run into before over at Right MI, while conflating multiple issues and drawing false conclusions in a manner that would make an ADD-addled squirrel jealous, thinks this is somehow a bad thing, and that people in favor of it are apparently in his words Booberus Michiganderus.

Well, ok then.

So, are you going to sit there and curse the darkness, hoping for nirvana and badmouthing all the accomplishments made by the efforts of others (that he will no doubt take advantage of) and insulting them while doing so? After all, that's the easy way.

Or are you going to work to improve firearms rights in Michigan (or your state) and the US by doing you know, actual work like contacting your legislators to support pro-gun legislation, contributing to pro-gun candidates and organizations (cough NRA-ILA, and other effective groups, cough)?

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Murphy's Law said...

"Corinthian Scales" is one of the dumbest and loudest posers I've seem for a while, even on the internet. You can bet that he fought against Michigan's first concealed carry legislation right up until the day that it was signed into law, at which point he set up camp in front of his local sheriffs' office waiting to be first in line to get one. The guy is a loser with a small soap box that he uses to constantly rail hate at everyone else, even the ones who do things that he benefits from. I'm thinking that it must truly suck to be him.