Sunday, June 01, 2014

Gun Banners Coming To Realization That Emotional Fact-Free Rants Don't Work

So they're desperately trying to find a Plan B after finding out that Plan A, dancing in the blood of the dead is failing.

The Detroit Free Press: Grief, photos no longer inspire change in gun debate

Yes, no longer can a blind appeal to emotion sway most Americans from realizing that gun owners are not responsible for the acts of the few insane individuals that committed spree killings.

The Gn Controllers using the Santa Barbara incident are realizing they're haivng an uphillclimb, one fathers public rant notwithstanding because:

1. Yet again, its a narcissistic individual with a very long history of mental problems that commited the crime.

2. Yet again the authorities failed to intervene after clear warnings that he was a danger to himself and others.

3. In addition to using a firearm, the killer also killed just as many people with a knife and also used a BMW as an attempted murder weapon - blaming the gun alone when it was only used for 50% of all deaths incurred is hard to do.

4. it took place in California, an A rated state with the Gun Controllers for its ridiculously restrictive gun laws. Even with all those laws, the system still failed to prevent it, thus showing these laws to be pretty darn useless in deterring such spree killings,

So the transition to plan B is hard, instead of pure emotions, they're going to shift to emotions and lies at a local level.

Since last Friday, when Elliot Rodger murdered University of California-Santa Barbara student Christopher Michaels-Martinez and five others in Isla Vista, Michaels-Martinez’s father has publicly processed his grief and rage on viral videos by calling for gun control and blaming “craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA.”

But even as the videos racked up views on YouTube, political journalists across the country spent the week writing soberly about how Martinez’s grief won’t affect the gun debate.

Thay is why gun-control advocates are already experimenting with new tactics after grieving fathers like Daniel Barden (Sandy Hook), John Green (Tucson) and Tom Teves (Aurora) failed to spur action at the federal level.

Again, blaming the NRA for this is ridiculous and is a nonsensical appeal to emotion that doesn't fit the facts. All the progressive journos covering it were wondering why it didn't work, 'cause as usual it worked on them and fit their world view even as it didn't fit the facts.

So now they're trying to have people ensure their 401Ks don't have gun companies as part of their investments.

The film was released in April by the Campaign To Unload, an initiative backed by 20 to gun-violence prevention groups that encourages 50 million Americans with 401(k)s to check whether their retirement funds invest in gun companies.

Good luck with that bit of BDS insanity. The firearms sector, thanks to Obama and the gun banners has been doing very good business-wise with excellent profitability. If they are dumb enough to "unload" that will create an excellent buying opportunity for the rest of us.

But as usual, don't expect common sense form gun grabbers. They're still in the early stages of realizing they're losing.

et since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, almost every state has enacted at least one new gun law, according to the San Francisco-based non-profit Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Nearly two-thirds of those laws eased restrictions or expanded the rights of gun owners.

The really amazing part is they now that they are losing, even with millions of Bloomberg and Joyce Foundation money and politicians in their pockets are trying to cast themselves as the underdog and being for civil rights.

“I look to the gay-rights struggle, the civil-rights struggle, for inspiration,” Budde said.

The civil rights model has four steps: a group must self identify; establish leaders; create a public face, including marches, acts of civil disobedience or message-filled art; and it must promote its goals by electing members to political offices and creating institutions, such as magazines, newspapers and academic programs.

Here's the difference folks, the gay rights and civil rights campaigns succeeded as they were correctly advertised as steps to gain people rights. The gun controller's aim is to take away the majority of American's civil rights. That is why they will fail.

Indeed, it is the NRA, its members, and gun rights proponents in general that have been following the civil rights model as depicted, not the gun banners with their AstroTurf organizations, big money donors and lies and emotional appeals to authority.

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