Monday, August 23, 2010

Michigan Democrat Dirty Trick of a "Tea Party" Unravelling

In an attempt to split the conservative vote a "Michigan Tea Party" was being placed on the ballot - only in ridings where it seemed Republicans might pick up some democrat seats.

As it turns out it was a Michigan Democrat inspired False Flag operation, that more and more looks like an amateur-hour hurry to get this fake party on the ballot in time to throw some elections their way.

The Detroit Free Press: Dem official resigns after backing 'Tea Party' effort
The Democratic Party operative who was behind signing up many of the so-called “Tea Party” candidates for the November ballot has been let go from his post as a operations director for the Oakland County Democratic Party.

Jason Bauer, who was the notary listed on affidavits for a dozen of the Tea Party candidates, has come under fire in recent weeks for his role in signing up the candidates, who could siphon votes from Republicans.

This Michigan Tea Party operation was so secretive and so well planned by the Dems that the notary on the candidate forms was the operations director for the Michigan Democratic party, some "candidates" are not even of age to run form office, and one candidate states outright that his name is being used without his consent, his signature on the form is a forgery, and he lives in Arizona.

The Detroit Free Press: Court battle to decide fate of mysterious Tea Party
Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson told the board at least one set of documents nominating a Tea Party candidate for the county commission was a "straightforward fraud." Johnson said she has asked for a criminal investigation of an Oakland County Democratic Party official who notarized at least nine Tea Party candidate affidavits, including one who told her office his signature had been forged.

Oh, and the purported head of the "Tea Party" is a former UAW shop steward out of Saginaw.

What's next for the Dems? Create a Capitalist Party with the head being the secretary general of the Michigan Communist Party?

Certainly not the smartest electoral op ever ran by the Democratic Party - and its fallen apart pretty quickly given the amateurish way it seems to have been setup.

It is quite a step up from the normal electoral fraud on their part - creating an entirely fraudulent political party seems harder to do than their standard technique of creating fraudulent voters, so it may be beyond their capacity at this time, as is running this state effectively, for which they will hopefully be booted out in a few short months.

It is also really hard for the party to believably deny all knowledge when theie State Democrat Party Operations Manager is caught signing the fraudulent candidate forms.

The best chance for the Democrats is to quickly come clean, admit they got caught trying to pull a fast one over those "dumb Republican Tea Party hicks hah hah" (you know they were thinking along those lines when they formed their little party), and try to sweep it under the rug, throw their Operations Director under the bus, hope the media covers up their malfeasance and move on.

The longer they try to deny and obfuscate after getting their handwriting caught on the candidate forms, the better the chance to deservedly rub their noses in their dirty tricks. Especially if the criminal charges proceed and a real investigation takes place - I'm sure the Dems are busy wiping hard drives, deleting email accounts and shredding records as we speak.

The blogprof is all over this amateur-hour Democratic Electoral scandal.

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