Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Administrative Overload in Higher Education?

Instapundit comments on Administrative bloat at American universities as one of the markers of the "Higher Educational Bubble". HIGHER ED BUBBLE UPDATE: Administrative Bloat at American Universities: The Real Reason for High Costs in Higher Education.

He notes an article about the astonishing growth of the administrative side with the increasing numbers of administrators per student.

Back when I was at MSU in Classical history and working in information systems for the University at the same time, one of my professors, knowing I worked for the University as well as being a student, pointed out that MSU had more administrative personnel than was needed to run the entire Roman Empire at the height of its power.

Of course I got his point, then I stabbed him with a gladius so he got mine (I kid, I kid).

When a state university needs more administrative personnel than an empire that covered much of the globe, and the administrative overhead has been getting worse since, I think Prof Reynolds has a point about a higher education bubble.

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Scott said...

Yes, but how many Legions does LouAnna Simon have?