Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somedays A Walk In The Woods Is In Order

Especially when you turn up an interesting find: The Detroit News:Feds to review 34 weapons found in Clare Co. woods

Clare Sheriff's Department officials say a man on Tuesday found a rifle hidden under a log while cutting firewood in Freeman Township, about 110 miles north of Lansing. The man later found another 30 guns.

Police seized the weapons, then located three handguns in the same area.

Darn, I must be going for a walk in the wrong woods. I've never found such treasure on my walks. Too bad Clare County is a bit far from me.

The article doesn't give much information on the age of these firearms, if they're recently left there by some ne'er do wells, or an older cache from long ago that might have some interesting historical tales to tell.

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