Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dives #121, 122 and 123 Union Lake - Prep for Rec 2

Some good practice dives in preparation for the Unified Team Diving Recreational Diver 2 class.

I've teamed up with Keith and Wes, two good guys and good divers to take the class. Both are at or above my level so we're similarly skilled, so we make a good dive team.

For dive 121, their friend Holly came along and as I brought a camera so I took a few pics during the dive, the viz wasn't great and we were doing some practice, so there's just a few:

Here's two of the crayfish of Union lake doing crayfish things (either fighting or trying to make more little crayfish - you pick which) at 30 feet:

Here's Keith working the dive float on the ascent:

On dives 122 and 123, Keith, Wes and I did some serious training practice for our upcoming class - Basic 6 (Mask removal and replace in 45 degree water sucks by the way), Out of Air drills, controlled ascents, all the good stuff we're going to need and are certainly going to get pounded on in class by James.

Hopefully I'll be able to figure why I'm having so much trouble reaching my valves on my double tanks for the valve drills, but that's a whole other story.

Looking forward to the class - 4 skill dives, 2 "experience" (I believe this means we get our tails kicked but good to experience what happens when everything that can go wrong does) dives and class work on deco theory, team cohesion and Nitrox.

Well, at the very least I've got a great team with whom to learn this stuff. I'll report on the class as it happens.

First two dives for the class are set for Sunday.

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