Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rec 2 Class - Dive 2 Getting Better

Yesterday was dive 2 of the UTD Rec 2 Class.

In many ways it went a lot better - my trim was really good, kicks were much improved and things were going ok. Our drills are still taking to long and we're still not keeping the tightest formation but that should come with more practice.

Overall, the dive started lousy but then started to get better, we started getting our trim down, my kicks started coming together pretty nicely and life was getting good.

Then James pulled my mask off.

Ouch. A 48 degree slap in the face and no mask to put back on. I stayed calm, kept my trim and buoyancy and put my right hand out and started waving my light for assistance. Wes saw me and kept me steady with signals by holding my right hand, but we lost our buoyancy and went up. Next time, remind Wes my spare mask is in my right pocket. I suspect this will happen again during class.

Then the dive continued, and wouldn't you know it, my can light was declared inoperable - switched off by the black hand of death. I'm rather happy with my response - kept my trim, deployed my backup light and went to catch up with my team, which didn't see I had an issue as our video divers light was washing mine out. No big deal. I caught up and life was good. Makes me appreciate how bright the 10 watt can light is compared to my little backup light.

Then, to add to the fun, James throws Wes out of air and he comes over to me. Of course, I trapped some of my long hose under my can light wire that was clipped off as it wasn't working - a good heads up not to do that again. But in any case, Wes had air, we made a good approach to the exit and it was a safe ending.

I can see us improving as a team which is a good thing indeed, 'cause we sure can use the improvement. Excellent after action analysis by James and Chad really helps with the learning process - it is very instructive to see your mistakes on video, and heartening to see it when you do it just right.

Great class, great dive team, and 4 more dives to go to shine.

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