Monday, August 10, 2009

Goobers on the Range and On the Road

During our anual dive trip, we also managed to get in a little shooting and observe a little driver stupidity.

As usual, we went to the famed Lapeer Pit for our shooting excursion.

On arrival, again as usual, some shooters were already present - two guys and one girl.

In addition a fellow showed up shortly thereafter and all he did was walk around the range with a bucket and a claw on a pole and picked up brass that was on the ground -much strangeness and a little creepy as he'd sit in his truck, wait for a cease fire then wander around with the claw and bucket). But it is the activites of the two guys and a girl that earn them the title of goobers.

When we pulled up they were bump firing an AK clone and not hitting squat.

Of course on getting out we observed them to be bump firing with the aid of a rubber band which is a no-no -> see the ATF letter rulings on use of a shoe string to do the same thing. They were kindly requested to cut it out and not use any such item.

The girl then piped up that bump-firing is legal - yes it is, but you can't use any device to do so.

Is this a dumb rule? Yes.

Is it the law? Yes.

Does either myself or LK want to be anywhere near some goober doing something illegal with firearms in public? Hell NO.

So they cut it out and just went to bump firing without it. To say they were inaccurate with their bump firing would be an understatement.

They had a toilet seat set up less than 5 yards from the firing point and of course, on bump fire the girl didn't even hit it even once. The boys were't all that much better and they occaisionally hit a computer about the same 5 yards out. The ground of course was wounded by repeated bullet strikes. So much for "assault weapons" being designed to be fired accurately from the hip.

For an encore as she turns with the AK she lets of a shot that goes into the woods to her right beside her and outside the berm. Nice.

To top it off, they opened a case and gave the girl a beautiful bolt action tactical rifle to try. It looked like a Remington 700 PSS from afar - a very nice rifle.

Of course she then fired it from the hip and missed, (well at least she did hit the backstop (its a big backstop) so it was a dubious improvement) for a very good reason -

There were neither sights nor a scope mounted to that rifle.

Think about it, a very expensive, precision bolt action rifle designed to have a scope mounted and aimed and fired with the use of scope DID NOT HAVE ONE. It was to either weep or laugh, so we just rolled our eyes in disbelief.

I daresay this bunch would give Tam's lowest common denominator shooters a run for their money.

After these comedic feats of arms they left. All the while they're missing, we're hitting targets out to 100 yards with pistols and rifles, including using my semi AK clone (from the shoulder and using the sights mind you) to squarely hit small targets at 100 yards one trigger squeeze at a time.

So we finished our shooting as the weather started rolling in and then cleaned up and packed up and left.

But the weekend Goober experience was yet to be done:

On Sunday, as we returned from the dive along Highway 94 we got to experience one of Michigan's more lovely construction zones, complete with a lane shut down.

Of course with the signs saying the left lane is ending, the Goobers all stay in the left lane untill the last minute then push their way in, causing traffic that got over early to have to stop and let them in. This of course disrupts the flow of traffic nicely as everyone has to brake to let them in so they can save a few car lenghts.

One Red Ford Expedition was driving thusly, staying in the left lane and not getting over. Quite oblivious to all and sundry, with his significant other having her hand and cigarette dangling from the passenger window to add to the carefree ambiance.

He does this for quite some time, long enough to catch our interest after LK graciously offers to let him in which he is oblivious to (for LK to offer an entry to a goober dawdling in the left lane is a testatement to the occaisional good driving manners LK possesses - when he's not balancing the world's road karma on some lane hogging goober that truly deserves it), and get a picture of him lagging in the left lane:

But the story does not end there.

Less than a few minutes after the picture was taken, the driver of the Expedition in the picture above decides to pass a tow truck as the construction zone proper beigns and the left lane closes by moving onto the left shoulder and pushing through while under the bridge that you can see in the picture. He miscalculates and hits the tow truck on the driver's side.

The Expedition doesn't stop but keeps on going, leaving the scene of the accident. The tow truck pursues but can't keep up with the Expedition weaving in and out of traffic.

We catch up to the tow truck, let him know we saw it and give him our info.

It should be interesting to see the claim that comes out of that one.

To recap - lagging in the left lane in a construction zone instead of getting over right before the complete shut down of the left lane is stupid, colliding with a tow truck while doing so is even dumber. Hopefully his insurance bill wil be instructive on that point.

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Murphy's Law said...

Hey, I'm a very nice and courteous and polite driver--to the 99.9% of drivers who don't act like total tools out there.

And why does it seem that we run into those two male ass-monkeys at the gravel pit every time we go? One tries to dress up like the fattest soldier in the country with his store-bought cammies, and the other one could easily be mistaken for the missing member of Columbine's Trench Coat Mafia.

I also wonder what that redhead sees in the fat guy. I half suspect that he pays her by the hour using tip money from his job as some restaurant that sells a lot of high-calorie food and lets the menial help eat there for free.

Redheads in particular usually have better taste, even "plain-looking" (there I go being charitable again) ones like her.