Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After 44 Times You'd Think She Would've Got The Hint: Woman's License Suspended Forty-Five times

Some people never learn: Renee Lashon Beavers of Detroit has had her license suspended not Nine Times but Forty-Five times (yes 45 times).

And she's been caught driving suspended yet again, with a ittle open-alcohol kicker:

Detroit Free Press: Driver nabbed after license revoked 45 times

Despite having her driver’s license suspended 45 times, a 33-year-old Detroit woman was arrested Tuesday in Ferndale driving a car that had been reported stolen, police said.

Renee Lashon Beavers had a 24-ounce container of beer on her lap when a Ferndale Police officer spotted the stolen car eastbound on 8 Mile near Livernois just after midnight, Lt. William Wilson said today.

. . .

Her license, which is currently revoked, has been suspended 45 times in Highland Park, Southfield and Detroit, according to investigators.

Police expect to ask prosecutors to charge the woman with – again – driving with a suspended license as well as having an open container of alcohol in a car, Wilson said.

Given that she's 33 years old her license has been suspended on average 2.5 times per year - every year that she has been eligible to drive!

Anyone want to let us know who at the Secretary of State and who in the justice system let this slip by, and how she ever with that kind of driving record, ever had her license reinstated (yes it is now revoked but how about after time #33, 34, 35 and 36?) with these many suspensions?

Further regarding this shining example of persons too stupid to drive - anyone want to bet she voted for Obama?

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