Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At the Michigan Renaissance Fair

Last Sunday we took the kids to our annual visit to the Michigan Renaissance Fair.

Held annually on the weekends in Holly, Michigan, this year from August 22nd through October 4th it is not to be missed.

First we had to get tickets, luckily they took a variety of renaissance forms of credit:

The kids get more into it each year and have more fun seeing people all dressed up:

As you can see people really go all-out in their costumes and get into the spirit of the faire.

The kids also found the juggling show quite fascinating as the jugglers tossed multiple flaming and sharp objects back and forth without missing a beat, but lucky for us they were too young to catch some of the slightly raunchy humor:
The humor was quick and the adults got it and the kids in the audience didn't, being completely wowed by the juggling that was so skilled it looked like magic.

The weather was nice and cool, abnormally so for August (must be a clear sign of Global Warming right?) with occasional bouts of rain that made the day quite pleasant temperature-wise. During one rain-burst we sought cover and had the kids take a pony ride, which they really enjoyed:

They then went on a swing and got a good idea of the concept of leverage:

This year because of a fair bit of rain it wasn't nearly as busy as it is normally and the kids were invited to have a fairy tea, which consisted of playing fairy chairs, singing some songs and having cupcakes and sierra mist with a bunch of friendly fairies.

As we were heading out I heard the call of the pipes and drums. There was a wickedly good band playing - Tartanic

Here's an example of how they sound:

Very cool and they'll be at the Fair quite a lot this summer.

The Fair of course would not be complete without the food - including the famous turkey legs that have to be tried to be believed, and a visit to the fair is simply incomplete without one.

The Renaissance Fair is a great time for the whole family and you'll easily spend a great day enjoying yourself there.

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