Sunday, December 02, 2007

Michigan removed from Democratic National Convention

For the sin of having an early primary.

Interestingly enough such a removal, and the failure of 4 of the candidates, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson, to participate in the Michigan primary process makes the democratic primary in Michigan relatively meaningless as the result will not be used to select the Democrats' presidential candidate. On the other hand such an exclusion turns it into an exercise in the anointment of Hillary Clinton as the candidate, which may have been the DNC's goal in the first place (while Dems may be going nuts in a leftward direction fast, most Michigan Dems are not far gone enough to seriously and soberly vote for Kucinich - one hopes).

Unfortunately this gives Democrats in Michigan the opportunity to cross over and meddle in the Republican primary - expect to see a sudden surge of support for Ron Paul when the primary takes place.

For all that, The best line of the whole article goes to quote by Debbie Levin, a Michigan member of the DNC and part of the politically powerful Democrat Levin family .
"Democrats are the party of the people, not the party of privilege," Dingell said after the ruling."The other party is the party of privilege, and yet they have treated all the states equally."

It is unreported but it is likely that she was able to keep a straight face while saying it, and while admiring Edwards' unprivileged $400 haircut and Al Gore's unprivileged unpretentious, "energy-saving" house (it only consumes 20 times the amount of energy an average family uses). It's also unreported as to whether the Detroit News reporter Gordon Trowbridge could keep a straight face while taking that line down.

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