Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Snow of the Season

And it all grinds to a halt.

On our night out, we went across town to a restaurant (more on that later), which didn't quite work out as planned, and instead ended up at a market with a nice meal to take home.

However, once we were done, we looked outside and the car and everything else was covered in snow.

Yes, the first snow of the season and no one remembered how to drive in it.

Multiple accidents were seen, roads were actually closed by police when people couldn't get up hills, and on one lane, relatively clear, roads, we were stuck behind a guy in a car that didn't seem able to go faster than 15 on a straightaway, and he added to the fun by occasionally braking and coming practically to a halt for absolutely no reason as he was on a straight road with absolutely no traffic in front of him for at least a mile, as they had all gone about 35 on the same road that is typically 45.

This is Michigan after all, we do get snow every year, so it shouldn't come as a complete surprise, but every year it takes everyone quite some time to figure out the basics:
- yes, double your stopping distance;
- yes anticipate that the goofball in front or behind you will do something stupid; - - no don't pass on a one lane road in blowing snow and slippery conditions;
- no don't speed but at least drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions.

But alas, it takes time for the lessons to be relearned.

Winter here we come.

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