Thursday, July 12, 2007

Warm Weather is Not a Sign of Global Warming

Talk about confusing weather with climate. Marney Rich Keenan at the Detroit news certainly does when she writes
It seemed only fitting that days after the Live Earth concerts aimed to raise awareness of global warming, the nation was hit by a blistering heat wave. Detroit's high was 96; Washington, D.C., topped 100 degrees. t was Live Earth's figurative exclamation point, as if to say, "Now do you get it?".........
She ends the article that if you don't drink the Global Warming kool-aid that
Because the next time we get hit with a suffocating heat wave, (August is expected to be brutal) if you disregard all things green, you have no right to complain.

Wow the summer is hot, that's why its called....summer.

Are we to take her to task in the winter and following her logic declare that cold weather is proof that there is no such thing as global warming?

As usual its emotions not facts driving the GW hysteria. One has to admit that Al Gore is a genius - the surest way to sucess is to find a crowd and get in front of it, and by playing up to these ex-hippies fears why playing down the scientific lack of data on global warming, he's doing it admirably.

Speaking of emotions they certainly seem to be what's driving Keenan
Actually, I felt hopeful. Because, for a long time, I've been concerned about the new generation's lack of passion, wondering whatever happened to my youth's hallmark peace demonstrations, antiwar activists, sit-ins for social justice, urban renewal movements, not to mention the guilt of handing to my children the disgrace of our benign neglect for our planet.
Sorry but we're not going back to the flower-power age. You folks tried it and messed this place up quite nicely with your abandonment of the Vietnamese, your affirmative action gone overboard, your urban renewal that turned our urban centers into war zones and your constant nay saying and leftist down-on-America spirit that continues even today.

No thanks, there's a new generation coming along, one not indoctrinated by the left or at least one that questions the leftist dogma that you accepted as fact, one that thinks as well as emotes, and one that can recognize that while there are problems with this country, all-in-all it is a place to be proud of and a great place to call home.

And we like our summers hot here in Michigan, it makes up for the miserably cold winters, thank you very much.

Update (7/15/07): In the days since Ms.Keenan's polemic appeared, the Detroit area has been having unseasonably cool weather in the 60s and 70s. Obviously this means absolutely nothing as weather does not equal climate, but it is nice to see that the Gore effect still exists and even extends to his acolytes). (The Gore effect - wherever Al Gore appears to talk about global warming, unseasonably cool or cold weather including snow storms will appear).

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