Monday, July 16, 2007

Nunc Est Bibendum - Beer Blogging

As noted in yesterdays post, the weeather for the past few days has been rather cool for July. Courtesy of we can check the temps. Yesterday it did finally get up to 80 degrees, while the normal temp was 83, and the low, oh my the low was 48 degrees with the normal temp being 62 degrees. Must be all that Global Warming going around.

Regardless, after a day of meeting with students from an intro to law class and then a vigorous 30 minute walk around the neighborhood while pushing the baby in a rather heavy stroller at a brisk pace a fine drink was in order.

Nunc Est Bibendum - latin for "its time to drink", and since I had built up a bit of a sweat and by late afternoon it actuall hit 80 a summer beer was in order.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat fit the bill nicely for an adult beverage on a fine day when all is right in this small corner of the world.

A Wheat Ale brewed with real Michigan Cherries, when served chilled is simply the perfect beer for a Michigan Summer's day. Lip-smackingly good, Sam Adams certainly ranks up there with the finest of beers, in fact I've tried quite a few of their varieties over time and none have dissappointed.

Be sure of course to drink responsibly.

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