Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ford Going back to Soybeans

An interesting article in the Detroit Free Press today, that Ford will be using a new foam made from 40-50% soybeans in its Mustang Seat Cushions.

The benefits seem clear - reduced use of petroleum and it apparently uses less energy to produce, making it an economically viable choice.

As a historical aside, this is not the first time Ford has used soybeans in its vehicles. Around the time of the Great Depression, Ford began using soy as a way to get money to farmers so they could afford his vehcles. Some of the products Ford made from soy at the time were:

o Enamels used on Ford Bodies
o House Paints
o Varnishes
o Linoleum and Oil Cloth
o Printers Ink
o Glycerin
o Fatty Acids
o Soap
o Foundry Sand Cores
o Vegetable Shortening
o Oleomargarine
o Diesel Fuel


o Molded Parts
o Horn Buttons
o Gear Shift Knobs
o Distributor Parts
o Light Switch Assembly
o Timing Gears
o Glues and Adhesives
o Water Paints
o Core Bonds
o Plywood Glues


o Mbers–Pressed Boards
o Furfural
Source Copy of a publication of The Edison Institute of Technology Dearborn, Michigan at

Nice to see Ford going back to its roots.

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