Monday, July 17, 2006

In Dearborn the Seething begins

In the Detroit Free Press
Muslims attending a memorial service at a Dearborn mosque Sunday evening called upon businesses along Warren Avenue in Dearborn to shut down at 5 p.m. Tuesday to protest Israeli action in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

. . .

Speakers at the service criticized Israel and asked the U.S. government to help U.S. citizens trapped in Lebanon.

With picture slides behind him showing the attacks in Lebanon, Ned Fawaz, chairman of the board of the Islamic Center, urged the crowd to "call Washington, call all your senators ... send e-mails" voicing opposition to Israel's actions.

Mohammad Bazzi of Dearborn Heights said that business owners are planning to shut down at the start of a march scheduled for Tuesday along Warren Avenue -- the main commercial strip in east Dearborn.

Notice that of course, there was no criticism or opposition of Hizb'allah the group that brought this situation upon Lebanon from these Dearborn muslims.

Shutting down at 5pm, oh my, such a protest, they just watched "Working 9 to 5". They must have been inspired by the Cyndi Sheehan fast of the hour.

Their march on Tuesday should provide plenty of examples of Homo Islamicus and Homo Moonbaticus.

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