Monday, July 24, 2006

Does the Missile Threat end the idea of Land for Peace?

Given that the land Israel withdrew from in both Lebanon and Gaza is being used as a launching pad for missiles and rockets against israel, to cede further land would likely prove disastrous to Israel. The only reason longer range rockets are not being fired from Gaza is that Israel is preventing their importation through the port of Gaza.

Already, Hezballah is hitting civillians in Haifa with its rockets, 30 miles away from the Israel-lebanon Border. Missiles from Gaza are striking Sderot. If Israel were to complete a withdrawal from the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) to behind the security Fence, all of Israel would then be in range of missiles from the ceeded territory.

Don't beleive me? Then take a look at this map. As you can see, from the West Bank, Tel Aviv's airport is in range of the short-range Qassam rockets, and the entire county is in range of Katyushas, not to mention the longer range missiles.

Land for Peace, and the subsequent creation of a hostile state filled with anti-Israel sentiment with the capability to import Iranian missiles would be suicide for Israel. Until the Arabs learn to accept Israel's existence and cease attempting to destroy it and kill its people, the whole idea of land for peace cannot go forward.

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