Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bad, naughty, weight pouch!

So there I was, at 25 feet in Spring Mill Pond just off the bottom, Visibility at less than feet at best, diving with four other divers.

Suddenly, it gets silted up real bad, and visibility drops to zero, I could not see a thing. Then I all of a sudden get flipped onto my left side and start ascending pretty quickly - sideways! A fun ride and I break the surface with what I am sure was a very confused look on my face.

It turns out my weight pouch on my right side in my Dacor Talon BC decided it didn't like me face down and it came zipping out of the BC (so much for the retaining powers of Velcro).

Eventually the other divers noticed I was gone and one came up to see what was going on. Without the 10 pounds in the pouch i was too buoyant to descend, and when I tried, I always got flipped onto by left side, so I couldn't search for the pouch.

One of the divers searched for the pouch but failed to find it. The pouch alas is almost definetely buried in the muck and will not likely be found.

Personal Lessons learned: Even though the velcro quick release should be enough to hold the weights in, use the retaining clip - it prevents an instant release of the weights, by pulling on the release handle, instead to release you unclip the clip and pull with it- but it will save your pouches.

Now to go buy another wieght pouch and 10 pounds of weight...

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