Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Student who Beat TSA security charged in airplane incidents

From the Detroit Free Press
A college student who told authorities that he placed box cutters and other banned items aboard two airliners to test security was charged Monday with taking a dangerous weapon aboard an aircraft and was released without bail.

I think that one of the reasons he has been charged rather than just being released is that he rubbed the TSA's nose in the breach by sending an email beforehand stating that he was going to do it, and they still didn't catch him.

Note to all: Government Bureaucracies HATE to be embarrassed and shown to be incompetent, and when they have the ability to nail the person who pointed out the incompetence, they will nail the messenger.

While what the student did was dangerous in that others could have possibly accessed the items, he did perform a service by pointing out a potentially deadly flaw in the current security system that needs to be fixed.

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