Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Michigan Democratic Primary Will Offer Internet Voting

From the Detroit News:
Online vote triggers worry
State Dems aim to spur caucus turnout; critics fear the digital divide
By Charlie Cain / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

LANSING -- Despite substantial criticism -- including fears of hackers and the silencing of minority voters -- Michigan Democratic leaders are holding to their plan to allow Internet voting in the Feb. 7 caucus that will select a presidential favorite.

The plan, which is being challenged by seven of the nine Democratic presidential hopefuls, would for the first time allow Michigan voters to use the Internet in a public election. . . .

It's understandable party operatives and candidates get nervous about primary elections, no matter the voting method. When it comes to primaries, Michigan voters have displayed a feisty independent streak.

In the Michigan 2000 Republican Primary, for instance, U.S. Sen. John McCain was the winner, despite the party establishment's solid embrace of George W. Bush.

In 1988, Jesse Jackson shocked the establishment by winning the Democratic primary. And in 1972, George Wallace won the state's Democratic primary amid strong suggestions that Republicans, who knew incumbent President Richard Nixon had the nomination sewn up, crossed over and voted for the controversial Wallace in the Democratic primary.

What the Article doesn't mention is that McCain winning the primary in 2000 was due to Democrats blatantly voting in droves at the Republican primary as Clinton had the "nomination sewn up".

Of course, what goes around, comes around and it looks like Republicans will cross over and vote in the Democratic primary this year...Republicans for Sharpton or Kucinich anyone?

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